organic mandya

Live a village life.
From the comfort of a modern stay.

Spend a day (or night) in a lush green farm

top soil
Hello Human.
Meet the soil that made you.

Every day thousand of people are realizing benefits of going organic and eating clean. Learn how it happens — we'll teach you the basics and get you started. You will have access to a lush green organic fruit farm right in the backyard of your stay!

bullock cart ride in a village
Life is nothing but a play.
Let's play!

Experience village as locals do — the joy of a bullock cart ride and playing insanely fun games with ever-smiling faces will touch you to the core.

traditional food
Delicious food.
Made using simple ingredients.

Relish unbeatable taste of rustic organic meals cooked on a firewood. Feel fee to pick fruits straight off the trees like Guava, Chickoo, and Coconut (if you can :P). During the breaktime, take a sip of fresh buttermilk or heavenly coconut water.